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Frequently Asked Questions
In order to use this website, your browser needs to have the browser extension MetaMask installed.

After that, you will see numerous stocks available for purchase in the table below. There are multiple actions that you can do with each stock:
1. Buy - purchase shares at the current buy rate.
2. Sell - sell your shares at the current sell rate - ETH will be deposited into your dividends.
3. Withdraw - withdraw your dividends into your Ethereum account.
4. Reinvest - purchase shares using ETH using your dividends for the current stock.
5. Get out - sell your shares and withdraw dividends immediately.

Each time a share is purchased, the rate for subsequent purchases will be increased by 0.25%.
This means that the less shares are in circulation, the more shares will you get for the same amount of ETH.
Additionally, each time a share is bought or sold, 10% from the transaction will be shared between all shareholders as a dividend.

Therefore, you can earn money in multiple ways:
1. Buy low, sell high - classic.
2. Buy and hold - get money from dividends when price fluctuates.

Good luck.
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